Del 27 al 30 de Abril:

The bicycle will be the focus:

Zaragoza will host an international meeting around the bicycle during the last week of April. An event opened to several faces and composed by the First International Forum “Zaragoza es Bici”, the XVI Iberian Congress “La Bicicleta y la Ciudad” and the Second Urban Festival “Culturas Ciclistas”. From the 27th to the 30th of April, the spring hatching of the two wheels becomes effervescent in our city. 

As means of transportation, a generator of culture and a tool for social transformation, the bicycle will bring together European and Latin American experiences to improve its situation as well as that of cyclists. Workshops and concerts, talks and markets, debates and exhibitions will place the bicycle in its natural position of leadership for a better mobility and more human coexistence.

The activities, programmed in different places according to their characteristics, will be open to the participation of different publics, cyclists and non cyclists. Making the street ours, showing the diversity of our bunch and favouring exchanges of knowledge around the bicycle, we will make our city a cycling reference in Southern Europe: “Zaragoza the City of Bikes”.

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Registration to the congress and other acts of limited capacity can be made from January 2017. To be in the loop of all information that will be generating, receive offers and promotions and participate from now in “Zaragoza: The City of Bikes”, sign up in this form and we will give together the starter pedals.




The international meeting “The City of Bikes” will open with talks, workshops and activities around the bicycle that will bring replicable success experiences in our cities. Starting from the example of Learning and Mobility participation Conference “Zaragoza se mueve”, we will better know the practices of Copenhagen, Amsterdam or other signs which make an international impression when introducing the bicycle in urban areas, we will reflect on what suppose world events as Velo-City or the World Bicycle Forum regarding events that are able to gather worldwide, we also will know better the movements around the bicycle in Latin America, with cutting-edge experiences in its field.



Fourteenth annual meeting of the most important peninsular congress as regards the bicycle is concerned. It is a formal space for the exchange, debate, training and information on all kinds of issues that concern people close to the urban cyclist movement and the cyclotourism. Registration for the Congress will be open at the end of January, as well as the possibility of proposals for papers by individuals or organizations. You can subscribe to the mailing list a little bit bellow so that we announce you these deadlines in your mailbox and receive advantages when registering.



This festival will be the playground of the international meeting, the most playful and casual part of the week, with a strong presence in the streets and the involvement of cultural agents and promoters of Zaragoza. Competitions, exhibitions and concerts will combine to leave a cycling trace in the urban fabric from the different spaces that will participate in this section of the meeting.

The three main elements that make up the meeting, the International Forum, the Iberian Congress and the Festival “Cyclist Culture”, intertwine each other through five different developments, five links that combine to offer a complete image of the bicycle as a vehicle, passion and way of life:

Cyclists cities

Make the daily trips by bicycle that occur in the cities a safe itinerary for people with no difference in age, ability or physical conditions; Combine the bicycle with other means of transport; Develop the necessary infrastructures for these objectives and do so through a pluralistic participation that meets diverse needs… these are some of the biggest challenges that we want to solve or, at least, a horizon of debate, agreement and direction to follow.

Coordinated by: Jordi Galí

Innovation and economic development

The technological advances are increasingly present in this machine. In order to follow the innovations, it is necessary to discuss, meet and generate knowledge networks that allow taking advantage in a combinative way of the efforts made by the bicycle´s sector. 

In addition, it has been built an economic reality around the bicycle increasingly nourished and more complex. In this situation, sharing solutions and challenges, strategies and mistakes, will contribute to strengthen the entities which are dedicated to the bicycle and, as a result, to the use and general enjoyment of it. The bicycle is, as we will see, a perfect tool to generate economic development.

Coordinated by: Dani Ruiz

Promotion and training

The bicycle has been introduced in the different educational systems during the last years. At the same time, training opportunities for all ages and skills have multiplied: from technical workshops and urban circulation courses to long trips planning and holidays with the bicycle in the central place. It is a good time to know and increase, select and enhance the experiences and tools they offer, and to systematize issues related to the different options within and outside of regulated training.   

In this development, we will dedicate a space to the diversity of the communicative strategies that are dedicated to improving the bicycle´s image and of those who ride it. With concrete examples and campaigns of proven success, we will deduce elements, tactics and learning to contribute to the future, and hopefully close, National Bicycle Plan.

Coordinated by: Belén Calahorro

The bike in the public space

Bicycle phenomenon, as an inhabitant of the city, has not escaped to the studies of those engaged in anthropology, sociology or psychology. In its research, it have displayed questions related to political conception, personal developments or social roles, gender issues, and conflict points between different conceptions of the urban space and its functions.

We will also be able to remember that before the administration embraced the pedal style, the boost to use the bicycle was supported by social movements, their claims and actions. Zaragoza has been a pioneer in this at international level and we will want to put in value the principal people, actions and movements.

Although the gender perspective will be present in all developments of the Congress as a transversal issue, the patriarchal touch and taboos associated with cyclists can be diluted and broken as we strive to show initiatives and contributions that assume gender perspectives for non-sexist cycling.

Coordinated by: Elisabeth Lorenzi

Cyclists cultures

The cultures, subcultures and all the diversity that atomizes the wide imaginary cyclist would give to develop a thematic congress. From specific publishers to specialized journalists, from festivals to documentaries, from music to craft or illustration, graffiti, street theatre and public sculpture will also give much to talk about and propose around the relationship between the bike and the culture. But, in addition, the bicycle has generated a series of own cultures more or less pure or hybrid, with its own values, symbols and rituals. This is the case of the messenger bicycle services, the fixed pinion or the bike-polo. Many universes fit into the most playful galaxy of the bicycle. We will explore as many as possible and, possibly, we will create our own.

Coordinated by: Olga Abàlos

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Registration to the congress and other acts of limited capacity can be made from January 2017. To be in the loop of all information that will be generating, receive offers and promotions and participate from now in “Zaragoza: The City of Bikes”, sign up in this form and we will give together the starter pedals.

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